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• 1/13/2013

Earth and Legend wiki

Name: Earth and Legend Wiki
url: http://earthandlegend.wikia.com/wiki/Earth_and_Legend_Wiki
Topic: the earth and legend tablet and phone game
position: Founder
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• 1/9/2013

PokéFanon Wiki Joining

Wiki Name: PokéFanon Wiki
Wiki URL: http://pokemonfanon.wikia.com
Wiki's Topic: Collection of Pokémon Fans' creations having to do with their own regions, games and stories. 
My position: Bureaucat. The head bureaucrat is hiatus, so I'm currently the one doing this.
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• 12/29/2012

Registration Form

You must use this form when registering your wiki:

Wiki Name:
Wiki url:
Wiki's Topic:
Your Position on wiki:
After you fill out the form and post it, you will receive a reply and will be added to the alliance.
Note: Don't post the filled out form here, post it in a topic with the name of your wiki, in this section of the forums.
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